FireFlour: Focaccia - $8 - The Local Y'all
FireFlour: Focaccia - $8 - The Local Y'all

FireFlour: Focaccia - $10

✓ Made fresh locally

✓  All organic ingredients

  Delivery on Saturday 

Why choose FireFlour?

All Organic ingredients

Made fresh locally

Incredible taste


Meet Brandon!

Fireflour Bakery was started in 2015 by Chef Brandon Hardin.

Their commitment to quality ingredients can be traced back to Brandon's passion for gardening, beekeeping and culinary arts. Brandon is a trained chef with a Culinary Arts degree from the Art Institute of Nashville, TN and also boasts a Master Gardener certification through the UT Agricultural Extension. 

Quality ingredients are more than just business for Fireflour. Brandon and his wife, Bailie, prioritize local and sustainable practices as a lifestyle.

Happiness 100% Guaranteed!

If you're not happy with your box, we'll refund you 100% of your money! 

No questions asked.  

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