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  • When will I be able to buy my first box?

In Spring of 2022.


  • Where are these produce coming from?

All produce come from farms in the greater Nashville area. This means the produce you love are much fresher and local than what you’ll get at a grocery store. Produce typically go from the farm to your kitchen in less than a week with minimal handling. 


  • When will I get my box?

Boxes will be delivered on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on your location.


  • How often will I get my box?

You can get your box every week, every other week, or just once.


  • How much is the box?

The Music Row size box is $55.


  • What is in the box?

The Music Row box contains 4 types of fruits, 4 types of vegetables, and 3 types of greens depending on what is in season.


  • What about my food preferences and allergies?

We will ask you at check out for your likes and dislikes. We promise to never give you what you don’t like and focus on your likes that are in season. For allergies, we will make sure foods you are allergic to never come in contact with foods you like.


  • Who is the box for?

Each Music City box is meant to feed up to 3 people that value supporting local farmers.