Nicoletto's Marinara - $7.25 - The Local Y'all
Nicoletto's Marinara - $7.25 - The Local Y'all

Nicoletto's Marinara - $7.25

Traditionally made marinara sauce...the perfect pasta partner

✓ No added sugars

✓ Vegetarian & Vegan

  Delivery on Saturday

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Why choose Nicoletto's?

No Added Sugars

Vegan & Vegetarian

Saturday Delivery


Meet the founders, Ryan & Danny!

Partners from birth, brothers Ryan and Danny Nicoletto spent their late teens and early twenties playing rock and roll across America. Danny and Ryan took a break from their longtime partner-in-crime antics and went on to separate dreams, Ryan in the food and design industries, and Danny in live music and coffee.

The death of their father, Tony, brought the brothers back together and dreaming of a new partnership: an Italian restaurant, where everything was made from scratch, the right way. Nicoletto’s was born.

The first dried pasta batches were sold locally at farmers markets and to restaurants.It’s always made traditionally: bronze-cut. More texture means more sauce coverage which means you get the best pasta bowl you’ve ever had, every time. 

Happiness 100% Guaranteed!

If you're not happy with your box, we'll refund you 100% of your money! 

No questions asked.  

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