Pure Pasture Eggs - $10 - The Local Y'all
Pure Pasture Eggs - $10 - The Local Y'all

Pure Pasture Eggs - $10

Local and Pasture Raised Eggs 

 ✓ Non-GMO, Antibiotic Free, and Range Free

✓ Delivery on Saturday

Choose between 1, 2, or 3 dozen

Why choose Pure Pastures?


Regenerative Practices

Saturday Delivery!


Meet the Pure Pasture family!

Located in Springfield TN, The Pure Pasture Team’s mission is to produce nutrient-dense foods that heal and nourish our land and those who eat of its bounty.

After nearly 25 years in the field of computer technology their family became concerned about the direction of their health and how it linked to the source of their food. After years of study be they became convinced that they could produce healthy natural foods that will directly affect the health of those who consume the products! 

Happiness 100% Guaranteed!

If you're not happy with your box, we'll refund you 100% of your money! 

No questions asked.  

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