Woodbury Cookies - $30 - The Local Y'all
Woodbury Cookies - $30 - The Local Y'all

Woodberry Cookies - $27

Delicious quarter-pound cookies! (6 or 12 packs) 

✓ Locally handcrafted

  Delivery on Saturday 

Flavors Include Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Cheesecake, Funfetti, and S'more 

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Why choose Woodberry bakes?

Quarter Pound Cookies

Handmade with love

Saturday Delivery

Meet the founder, Jenn!

Jenn Traver is the one-woman show that is Woodberry Bakes. She has loved baking since she was a little girl, and cookies have always been her favorite thing to bake and to eat!

She's been perfecting her craft since her mom taught her the difference between softened and melted butter during her first solo cookie making adventure. She is passionate about making people happy with her cookie creations! 

Happiness 100% Guaranteed!

If you're not happy with your box, we'll refund you 100% of your money! 

No questions asked.  

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